National Specialty Regular Conformation Class Trophies


Thank you for making a trophy donation for the 2020 National Specialty!

Here’s how you reserve your trophy:

1) Choose your trophy.

These are the conformation REGULAR CLASS trophies. The other trophy categories are below.

If a trophy or class does not appear in the drop-down menu, it has already been taken.

Don’t want to support a specific trophy? Donations to the General Trophy Fund are always welcome.

2) Use the drop-down menu to select the trophy you want to support. Once selected, the trophy donation is in your cart. If a trophy or class does not appear in the drop-down menu, it has already been taken.

3) Check out from the store and pay for your trophy. You can use PayPal, or you can pay by check (mailing instructions for checks will be provided when you check out).

IMPORTANT: When you check out, please put in the “Notes” section the EXACT wording of how you want your donation to read in the catalog. Please note: While the club welcomes memorial donations (in honor of a deceased person or dog), the club does not allow “in honor of” trophies honoring a living person or dog. If you do not put anything in the notes section, then the club will just list your name as it appears on your store order.

4) You’re done — your trophy is reserved.

For your donation to appear in the premium list, it must be reserved by December 22, 2021.

Trophies must be reserved and paid for by April 1, 2022, for your donation to appear in the catalog.

PLEASE NOTE that the ONLY way to reserve a trophy is to purchase it through this online store, and trophies are available on a first-come, first-served basis. If you delay purchasing a trophy you told a fundraiser you wanted, someone else could purchase it in the meantime and it will be theirs. You must purchase the trophy to reserve a trophy.

Questions about trophies? Contact Laura Studer. If you are having trouble with making your purchase or have any questions about the store, contact the SDCA Webmeisters.

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Once again, many thanks for your support.

National Specialty Regular Conformation Class Trophies

Additional information

Regular Classes

Puppy Dog 6-9 Months (includes 1st-4th placements), Puppy Dog 9-12 Months (includes 1st-4th placements), Dog 12-18 Months (includes 1st-4th placements), Novice Dog (includes 1st-4th placements), Bred-by-Exhibitor Dog (includes 1st-4th placements), American-Bred Dog (includes 1st-4th placements), Amateur-Owner-Handler Dog (includes 1st-4th placements), Open Dog (includes 1st-4th placements), Veteran 7-9 Dog, Veteran 9 and up Dog, Field Champion Dog (includes 1st-4th placements), Puppy Bitch 6-9 Months (includes 1st-4th placements), Puppy Bitch 9-12 Months (includes 1st-4th placements), Bitch 12-18 Months (includeVeteran 9 and up Bitchs 1st-4th placements), Novice Bitch (includes 1st-4th placements), Bred-by-Exhibitor Bitch (includes 1st-4th placements), American-Bred Bitch (includes 1st-4th placements), Amateur-Owner-Handler Bitch (includes 1st-4th placements), Open Bitch (includes 1st-4th placements), Field Champion Bitch (includes 1st-4th placements), Veteran 7-9 Bitch, Veteran 9 and up Bitch