Echocardiograms with cardiologist Meg Sleeper, VMD, DACVIM (cardiology)

Wednesday, May 22 (afternoon) & Thursday, May 23 (all day)

Dogs that participated in the SDCA Holter Study and tested normal get a $25 discount.

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Echocardiograms with cardiologist Meg Sleeper, VMD, DACVIM (cardiology)

Wednesday, May 22 (afternoon) & Thursday, May 23 (all day)

SDCA National Specialty, Logan, Utah


  • Pre-registration is strongly recommended.
  • Appointment information will be provided in April. 
  • Walk-in appointments may be available on a limited basis but are not guaranteed.
  • Please note: This clinic will be opened to the public on April 15, so reserve your spot early to avoid disappointment.


Here is more information on the Holter Study.


      • A full refund will be issued if the appointment is cancelled before May 19.
      • Please note that no refunds will be given if an appointment is missed.


      • OFA Advanced Cardiac Database (ACA) forms will be available at the clinic’s check-in desk.
      • Please bring a photocopy (or snap a picture with your phone) of your dog’s AKC registration certificate to ensure accuracy when completing the ACA form.

Please note: Certification screenings are done for the purpose of registration with OFA as part of a breed’s CHIC requirements as set forth by the breed’s parent club. These cardiac examinations are not full, in-depth work-ups and are not intended for the purpose of diagnosing the full extent of cardiac disease (if present), nor are these screenings appropriate for animals who are clinically ill or previously diagnosed with cardiac disease. Those animals who fail their OFA cardiac certification screening are strongly recommended to have a full work-up done to set forth an appropriate treatment and follow-up care plan with a board-certified veterinary cardiologist in their area.

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