2024 National Specialty Videos


Relive the specialty experience (or experience it for the first time if you weren’t able to join us)!

Videographer Aron Sanchez of Empire Entertainment will once again be capturing all the action for us – it will be almost, although not quite, as good as being there.

Again This year, you have a choice of the usual DVDs, a USB flash drive, or, at steeply discounted prices, an online version! When the specialty is edited and posted, we will mail the DVDs and flash drives or, for the online version, email you a link. The videos will be stored on the club’s Google Drive, so the files should remain available indefinitely.

Again … This year, ALL of the specialty running events are available for purchase!

Order an individual event, a running event or conformation bundle, or get the whole enchilada—the complete set has everything filmed at the specialty–everything!

Orders will be taken until July 14, 2024.


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Not available for purchase after July 14, 2024.

The Running Event Bundle includes ALL of the specialty running events: LGRA, ASFA Trial, AKC Trial, and, if possible, JCs, QCs, and puppy fun runs.

The Conformation Bundle includes ALL of the conformation events: Futurity, Sweepstakes, conformation regular and non-regular classes, 3-Generation Class, and special properties classes.

The Complete Set has all of the events listed in both bundles plus Obedience/Rally and the Health Seminar!

Shipping is included in all DVD and Flash Drive prices.

The DVDs and flash drives will be shipped a few months after the specialty when the editing and production is completed. Their price includes US postage and packing—buyers outside the US should buy the online versions. A link will be emailed.






2024 National Specialty Videos

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LGRA, Monday Fast Cats, ASFA Trial, AKC Trial, JCs, QCs, Puppy Fun Runs, Running Event Bundle, Obedience/Rally, Health Seminar, Futurity, Sweepstakes, Conformation Classes, Conformation Bundle, Complete Set


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